Welcome To PMS Retail Mart

PMS Retail Mart is a way which will lead to the fulfillment of your financial dreams. We assure you that PMS will provide all the possible respect and profits in response to your hard workings.

PMS New Era is a Delhi based company dealing in different kinds of business . PMS is proudly announcing the "Retail Mart Plan" in which a person can earn handsome money not only by buying the day to day necessities but also earn an unlimited amount of money by the deals done by his skills and by his formed team.

RETAIL MART PLAN is based on our Repurchase Plan. It is a revolutionary plan in which you will earn 500 RMV (Retail Mart Volume) on joining and later on, appreciable amount of RMV through the deals done by you and your formed team. In the table listed below, you can see the Level Commissions earned through the Repurchase of your group :-

RMVCommission Level (%)

The calculations for the above mentioned Commissions will be done in the last week of every month. This income will be generated on difference basis.

Leadership Bonus

When the Total Business of your Leg A and Leg B becomes 35,00,000 RMV individually, i.e. , it reaches 30 % Level ,then you will receive 3 % of your Team's Total RMV business.

Super Leadership Bonus

When anyone from your Team A or Team B reaches 3 % Leadership Bonus ,then you will receive 5 % of your Team's Business as your "Leadership Bonus".

Royalty Income

When both your teams,i.e, Team A and Team B touches the 5 % Leadership Bonus mark, then you will get 3 % of Total RMV Business as Royalty Income. And when anyone from your team A or B reaches 3 % Royalty Income, in that case, you will receive 5 % of your Team's Business as Royalty Income.

Super Star Royalty Club Income

When both your teams, i.e. ,team A and B reaches the 5 % Royalty Income, then you will get 5 % Super Royalty Club Income. This income is distributed from company's Turnover.